Decks, Fences and Balconies

A beautifully designed and professional installed deck provides a welcoming addition to your home. A deck can add a new dimension to your home, as well as your lifestyle. This space is somewhere you can easily escape to whenever you want to relax—and is perfect for entertaining and gathering your family and friends.

Likewise, the impact of a fence on a property can be extremely significant. Among many other benefits, fences enhance privacy, secure and define your property, and provide controlled access to your home and yard.

For commercial properties, balconies are a great place to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your apartment or condominium. They maximize your living space, offer privacy and often, a beautiful view of your surroundings.

A custom-built deck can expand your outdoor living space and provide comfortable, usable space in your backyard. Whether for outdoor entertaining purposes or adding value to your home, a new deck can add a whole new look and feel.

Today’s Renovators can help you create the backyard paradise of your dreams. Not only can we help you create your very own home oasis, we can also demonstrate how a deck can become a valuable, versatile addition to your property. Not only does a deck serve as a quality entertaining area, it also adds hassle-free square footage, curb appeal, and can be transformed into a practical workspace—such as a workstation for your home DIY projects.

Whether you are looking to invest in a ground-level addition or an above-ground pool deck, Today’s Renovators has the tools to bring the deck of your dreams to life.

If you are looking for increased privacy or wish to improve the security around your property, we can help design an attractive looking perimeter that best suits your needs.

Having a fence serves a number of purposes—for both residential and commercial property owners:

The most obvious benefit to a residential property owner is privacy. In addition, installing a fence affords a number of other advantages, such as reducing noise, improving the look, deterring trespassers, protecting the safety of pets and small children, and providing increased security. A fence is always recommended for homeowners with swimming pools, and recreational items like trampolines and children’s play areas.

Protecting and promoting your business is crucial. While there are many reasons to install a fence on your commercial property, the most important ones include increasing privacy, the curb appeal of your business and of course, security, which, for business owners is often the primary reason to install fencing.

Today’s Renovators will help you make the best choice of fence products for your home or commercial property taking into consideration design, lifestyle and budget.

Whether your home or commercial property needs a full balcony replacement, or a simple balcony facelift, Today’s Renovators can take on any project—no matter how big or small. We recently completed a balcony replacement project—delivered on time and on budget—for one of our commercial clients, the Condominium Management Group. Check out their glowing review here!

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