Seamless eavestroughs, soffits/fascia, and siding provide more than just a beautiful outward appearance to your home – they protect and insulate your home from the sun, rain and snow.

Seamless eavestroughs
Seamless eavestroughs divert water from your roof, exterior walls and foundation. A faulty or leaky eavestrough system can cause damage to these areas. Installing new seamless eavestroughs will protect your property and provide comfort from rain and melting snow. Accurately positioned downspouts are crucial to directing the flow of water away from your home. Today’s Renovators installs seamless eavestroughs that eliminate leaky seams and are measured and cut on site – providing an exact and customized fit.

Soffit and Fascia
The addition of fascia or soffit caps to your home is like an extension of siding. Soffit covers your eaves while the fascia caps wrap your fascia board preserving them for years to come and hiding away any old minor weather stains.

Soffit is the exterior underside of a home’s eaves; it is the overhang space between the end of the roof and the side of home. A soffit normally has air vents to provide air circulation to the attic and roof – which is crucial for maximizing the longevity of shingle life.

Fascia is a vertical board that faces out. It is attached to the ends of the roof rafters at a right angle to the soffit following the roof line. The fascia board creates a finished look to a home by covering the ends of the roof rafters.

Siding is aluminum or vinyl material used to cover exposed surfaces of exterior wall frames and is available in a variety of profiles, finishes and colours. The installation of new siding to your home will beautify as it protects.

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