Whether you’re in the real estate business, work in interior design, or manage multiple properties, working alongside a trusted renovation company can be invaluable.

Today’s Renovators has extensive experience working with colleagues throughout the industry and can collaborate with you regularly to provide a full solution for you and your clients.

Real estate agents
We know that as a real estate agent, you work tirelessly with your clients to sell their homes quickly and help them get the most value from the sale. As a professional, you know there are particular home renovations that can help sell a property for top dollar. From an investment in a kitchen or bathroom update, to a fresh coat of paint or a cracked window replacement, these types of facelifts can make a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal or how a home ‘shows’. This could mean that the home sells at top value quickly and seamlessly—which is better for both you and your client.

When helping a client find a new home, working with a trusted renovation company means you have a partner who can help your clients realize their own vision in a new home, and what is needed to achieve that vision. The Today’s Renovators team can be there to provide renovation ideas and an estimate so your clients know what to expect from the get go.

Interior designers
More often than not, interior designers and renovators collaborate closely as a client’s desired design work will typically need the expertise of a skilled renovator. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or basement redesign, working alongside a trusted renovator makes it easier for you and your client to tackle these design projects.

A trusted recommendation from you to your client will not only help them get their project done right—it will also reflect positively on you. So give us a call!

Property managers
Property managers know that hiring contractors based on knowledge, cost-efficiency, experience, quality and results are necessary components in completing a successful renovation project both on time and on budget, with as little disruption as possible to building, office or condo residents.

At Today’s Renovators, we work with property managers to ensure that projects both big and small are completed in a prompt, courteous and professional manner with quality workmanship. Check out our glowing review from local property manager Shelley Seaby with regard to some recent work we complete for the Condominium Management Group.

Check out our blog post on the top five things to consider as a property manager when hiring a contractor.

Working together
Like you, we take pride in what we do—so let’s work together. We can provide estimates and are available to talk with you about your needs, and your clients’ needs, at any time. The team at Today’s Renovators knows the importance of keeping the client up-to-date and happy—that’s why our lines of communication are always open to ensure that both you and your client are satisfied. You can count on us.

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