Featured Project: Malaysian Embassy Renovation

Todays_Renovators_Malaysian_Embassy_WindowsThe Today’s Renovators team has been keeping pretty busy lately.

We love sharing our renovation projects with you—and we’ve really enjoyed keeping you updated on our most recent ventures via our blog. If you haven’t already had the chance, check them out below:

The next renovation project we’re excited to share with you is a recent contract we received through the Malaysian Embassy of Ottawa.

Todays_Renovators_Malaysian_Embassy_Windows_InsideWe began our work at the embassy by removing all existing aluminum frame windows (which are cold in the winter and fall season), and aged insulation. Altogether, we removed 14 windows on the top floor and 22 windows on the main floor.

After removed the old windows, we installed brand new 10’ x 8’ PVC windows, which we painted black. We finished all exterior trimming and flashing detail in black as well.

Outside, we removed all existing hedging and trees surround surrounding the property, and dug for new foundation and footings for a new block wall, which will have an automatic front gate. We also installed a brand new custom-made 20’ commercial front entrance door.

Todays_Renovators_Malaysian_Embassy_DoorsNext on our agenda at the embassy, we will be revamping the whole foyer, and removing the reception area so we can install tile for a brand new 600 square foot reception center. Once we have completed our work at the embassy, we will be undertaking some renovations at the Malaysian ambassador’s house.

Stay tuned for updates on both of these projects, coming in the new few months! If you want to check out some of our progress photos of the Malaysian Embassy, click here to see the album on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us as well!

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