Holidays and Home Renovations

]The holidays are just around the corner. Is your home ready for the upcoming fun, family-filled festival season?

Whatever holiday you may be celebrating this year, think of a home renovation as a celebration, too!

But just like any celebration, renovations require some planning. Some homeowners who embark on a renovation may worry whether or not the work will be completed on schedule and on budget.

Our advice is to make sure that you have both a clear idea of the scope of your project, as well as a budget set out before you undertake any renovation—big or small.

Here are some planning and budgeting tips to consider:

    • Prioritize—is your renovation project a want, or a need?
    • Renovate with confidence. Ensure the renovator/renovation company you choose are certified professionals with the right skills for the job—look for referrals and testimonials
    • Some projects require a permit—do your research beforehand, and leave plenty of time
    • Discuss your expectations with your renovator upfront—they will make sure to let you know what to expect

What sorts of renovations are in your budget this season? Are you thinking about renovating your entire kitchen to accommodate family holiday gatherings? Or maybe some new cabinets and countertops are in order. Whatever is on your wish list, our experts at Today’s Renovators have got you covered.

Our team of hardworking professionals is here to help. After all the planning, budgeting and anticipation, we guarantee that the gift of a renovated home or space will be something you and your family will enjoy throughout the year, and years to come.

Give us a call today so we can help you get your home holiday ready!

We look forward to meeting you!

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