Featured Project: Mayview Rental Complex Renovation

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We’re excited to share the success of our most recent renovation—a complete revamp of the top floor (one of three!) of an apartment complex on Mayview Avenue right here in Ottawa.

This 1950s triplex rental needed an overhaul, and it is well under way. We have just finished renovating the top floor, and will be starting renovations to the main floor and basement very shortly.

The top floor had significant water damage, so our first order of business was to remove all of the rotten flooring and replace it. We took out all of the existing laminate flooring and subflooring, and replaced them both with brand new hardwood.

We then installed new drywall ceilings to replace the old, textured look, and gave the apartment a fresh paint job. After that was completed, we removed all of the existing kitchen cabinets, and installed a new countertop, sink and taps, and replaced the tile.

We installed all new tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom, along with a brand new bathroom, complete with new floor, bathtub, toilet, sink and 25” vanity.

Finally, we took out all of the old windows and replaced them with brand new Gentek PVC windows—10 in total—and added all new soffit and fascia.

Check out some photos of the renovation below. We’re looking forward to making progress on the lower two floors next, and we know the building owner is too! She was able to get a renter right away for the top floor—in fact, they were moved in the very next day!

We can do the same for your property! Give us a call today.


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