Preparing Your Home for the Winter Season

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, now is a good time to start thinking about how to best prepare your home for the winter season. There are a lot of great reasons to plan a renovation project in the autumn. Here are some things to start thinking about:

Cozy spaces

Focus on the spaces where you will be spending a lot of time this coming winter—look into adding/renovating a fireplace to stave away those winter blahs, or refinish a basement by turning it into a warm and cozy sanctuary.

Energy efficiency

Looking to save on your hydro bills this winter? Why not add insulation to a playroom, workroom or attic to create an additional space in your home to escape the snow? What about your windows and doors? Are they ready for the blustery winter winds? Luckily the experts at Today’s Renovators are certified window installers and can answer any questions you may have about making your home less drafty, and of course, more energy efficient.

Kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations are also popular fall projects—why not add value to your home while keeping holiday gatherings running smoothly with a kitchen addition or renovation?

Interior painting

Get painting! Simple projects such as painting not only help add value at a minimal cost, but are also one of the best jobs to undertake during the fall because of the decreased humidity. Too much humidity can cause paint to look patchy, and you can still keep the windows open to help paint dry!

Winterize your deck

After a long summer of outdoor gatherings in your backyard sanctuary, your deck can appear pretty worn by the time fall rolls around. Once the deck is cleaned off and all summer furniture is stored away, power-wash, strip, re-paint, re-stain and re-seal. Just make sure you check the weather beforehand!

Roof work

Once the trees are bare and all the leaves have fallen, make sure to clean out your gutters. This will save you from ice dams that may build up during the winter, which can damage your roof. Also check for any holes or damage and repair them before it starts to snow.

Those are just a few ideas—we have many more tricks up our sleeve to help you prepare your home for the winter season, so give us a call! Stay warm, Ottawa!

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