All about energy-efficient windows and doors

Did you know that 25% of a home’s heat loss can come from the windows, doors and sky lights? Fortunately for the consumer, developments in window technologies in recent years have allowed for increased options to combat this problem.

Below, we’ll cover some basics about efficiency, installation and potential concerns to address when it comes to making your home more energy-efficient.

Windows and doors: the efficiency basics

When it comes to windows, you may have heard the term ‘glazed’. This refers to the glass portion of a window, skylight or door. All windows in Canada should be double glazed, and an insulating glass or sealed unit should be used. Developments in glazing technology in the past decade have made remarkable improvements in energy efficiency.

When it comes to exterior doors, you will find that most of them are made with a steel skin and a foam core, which is more energy-efficient than a solid wood door.

Condensation occurs when the glass temperature becomes lower than the dew point of the humid air around it. Moisture in the air naturally condenses on contact with cold surfaces. Energy-efficient windows and doors are less likely to have condensation.

Note: skylights should not be installed near surfaces of humidity, such as a shower or a kitchen sink.

How do I know the products I choose are energy-efficient?
The simplest way to find out if the products you select are energy-efficient is to look for the Energy Star symbol, which can be found on many different products in Canada.

This is the international symbol for energy efficiency—and qualifying levels for Energy Star are determined by both government and industry. Here is an example of the symbol:

Proper installation of your windows and doors
Installation is just as important as choosing your window, door or skylight. Improper installation can result in problems that range from cold drafts, to serious water damage inside walls and ceilings. Ensure that only qualified installers, such as the skilled and certified team at Today’s Renovators, install your windows and doors.

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We hope that this blog post has answered some of your most basic questions when it comes to energy-efficient windows and doors. Remember that if reducing your energy bills and increasing the comfort level in your home is high on your list, the products you select for your home must be well built, energy-efficient and of course, properly installed.

For a more in-depth discussion about installing energy-efficient windows and doors for your home, be sure to consult with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members at Today’s Renovators.

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