Featured Project: Bay Window Installation on Ottawa Riverfront Property

The Today’s Renovators team recently took on the challenge of installing a brand new bay window (complete with a large seat with custom cushions!) into the master bedroom of a beautiful riverfront property, right here in Ottawa.

Previously, this master bedroom was a dark, dimly-lit space that offered no view of the water whatsoever.

Today’s Renovators decided to help the owners change that, and began the task of completely transforming this dreary space into one of the best views in the home.

The owners had always wanted a window installed in their master bedroom because they felt that they should take advantage of their location—right on the edge of the beautiful Rideau River. Because there was no previous window in this space, Steve and his team at Today’s Renovators had to create one from scratch—which meant cutting through the wall, and of course, the outside brick as well.

Once the window was properly cut, installed, re-bricked and framed, it was hung and the appropriate supports and seals were put in. Because it was a bay window and hangs outside of the house, the team ensured that it was properly supported both on top and underneath, as well as insulated so that the cold from the outside would not transfer to the seat.

As you can see, something as simple as one window opening can completely transform a living space. Today’s Renovators successfully converted this space from dark and dreary, to beautiful, bright and absolutely stunning—offering the owners their own private sanctuary overlooking the splendid waterfront.

The experts at Today’s Renovators come well-equipped with plenty of ideas just like this for your home or commercial space—after all, window and door installations are their specialty!

If you’re looking to transform your space, give us a call today!

With a view like this, how can you resist?

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