Top 5 things property managers should consider when hiring a contractor

When hiring for commercial renovation projects, most property managers take certain steps to ensure they select the best contractor for the job.

Here are the top 5 things property managers should consider when hiring a contractor:

1)    Do your research

Whether the contractor is someone you know and have worked with in the past, a contractor that has been recommended by word-of-mouth, or you’ve browsed the web and found one online, it’s important to be thorough in your preliminary search.

While it’s typically a safe bet to choose a contractor you’ve worked with before or one that has been recommended to you, take the time to browse online reviews and website testimonials as well—you may be missing out on a skilled contractor you simply haven’t met!

2)    Check for professionalism and presence

While a non-existent or out-of-date website shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, take a look at your potential contractor’s online presence. Do they have a professional-looking, functional website? Does it have reviews and testimonials? Make sure you read up on them beforehand.

3)    Conduct interviews

Once you’ve selected a group of candidates, interview them all, and ask a series of questions based on your project’s real-life problems and challenges. Usually, you will get a pretty good idea from their responses of their level of expertise, professionalism and understanding.

4)    Entertain a number of bids

Keep your options open. Most property managers request three bids to ensure they get the best price for their budget.

5)    Why not take them on a walk-through?

Take your potential contractors on a walk-through of your building or property to see how thorough they are, or how knowledgeable they can be. It’s a good way to casually get acquainted, and you never know, they might point out something you hadn’t thought of!

As a property manager, what’s important to you? Share your comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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